Celebrating a year as a food blogger

Celebrating a year as a food blogger

Celebrating a year as a food blogger. Who would have thought that a year of blogging could fly that fast. Well, it has been exactly a year from my first post. 

As a matter of fact, I want to share with you everything that happened during this year.

I have had the pleasure and honour to give my first interview at Revista Shije, to host the catering at TEDx Tirana to be invited as a guest at Top Channel (you can see me here & here), to be able to talk about my blog at Rudina

A Year later, I want to say a big Thank You to my family. For the support they’ve shown toward me, so I could pursue my passion, for the time I’ve stolen them so I could work for the blog, for making them wait for their plates so I could take good pictures and by the way, most of the time they had cold lunches ☺.

When I’ve decided to publish online my passion, I was a bit excited of how my blog would be welcomed, what comments I would receive, would my recipes be liked? and so on…

A year later, I feel great and more passionate about my blog, but at the same time, I feel the responsibility toward my followers, those following me in this blog,  Instagram,  facebook, pinterest, youtube etc…

So, to my followers, THANK YOU,

  • Thank you for following me,
  • Thank you for asking me new recipe ideas or advices, or even technical support on how to access the blog.
  • Thank you for your benevolent critics done so far
  • Thank you for choosing my sweets for your parties

Last, but not least I want to share with you, my first year as a food blogger with a photo collage of my most successful recipes.

I hope that this delicious journey to be long-lasting and also have an impact on your family.

I wish you a peaceful weekend and may your tables be filled with delicious food ☺☺☺



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