Homemade Lard

Homemade Lard

I recall, that when I got more into cooking  (aka bought my first cookbooks and trying new recipes) there was one ingredient that I couldn’t find at the market. More specifically I am referring to lard.

You might have read that I’ve mentioned it at this recipe and I am going to mention it in another recipe to be shared later which I am not going to reveal, but includes corn flour, lard, meat filling, wrapped in these ☺. Bonus: Even the tarts shown in the photo are done using half butter half lard, but I’ll share my recipe later.

So I took my chance to prepare it home and I have to say that I’m happy I did. Not only it was almost cost free, but it was so easy to make.

Now it may seem a bit icky , cooking with lard say what???!!!! But, if you make a research online (as I did) you may notice that  despite its reputation, lard has less saturated fat, more unsaturated fat and less cholesterol than an equal amount of butter by weight (source Wikipedia)

So don’t get frightened, just keep in mind savoury or sweet butter crust pies, shortbread cookies, tamales etc… and give lard a chance.

Here it comes…

Homemade Lard

February 3, 2018
: 500 gr
: 5 min
: 15 min
: 20 min
: Easy


  • • 1kg animal fat preferably from organ fats
  • Step 1 Cut the fat in small pieces and place it in a Dutch oven or any other heavy duty pot
  • Step 2 Cover and let the fat melt in low heat stirring constantly
  • Step 3 After 15 minutes or so you’ll notice that most of the fat is melted and the solids are floating in a colorless and odorless oil
  • Step 4 Remove the solid fat from the pot using a clotted spoon and filter the oil through a fine mesh
  • Step 5 Divide the lard between two small jars or use just one 500ml jar as I did
  • Step 6 Store in the fridge until finished


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