How to host a catering event

How to host a catering event

When I’m invited to a birthday party or inauguration, training or so, my mind is focused to the food that will be served there, for which I’m sure is a finger food style. I can barely wait to see the variety offered and the fantasy of the food served.

My first catering event (I mean with a lot of people) was TEDx Tirana event where I had to cook for about 300 guests.

I had different requests from my friends to share finger food ideas to my blog, so after this post I’ll share the recipes of the food I’ve prepared for TEDx.


One of the most important tips is to BUY a note book where you’ll have to write down the following:

  1. Number of the guests.
  2. Adults and kids (I would recommend even to write down how many females and males; males tend to eat more).
  3. Keep track for any special food requests (i.e: vegetarians, vegans, food allergy, pregnant friends☺ etc..)
  4. How many sweet and savoury dishes you’ll prepare
  5. Party’s start time (You’ll have to prepare a lot food if you’re hosting the party at lunch or dinner time instead of hosting it at 17:00-19:00 o’clock).
  6. Shopping list
  7. Calculate space and storing boxes for the cooked food (fridge space, storing boxes and containers etc..)
  8. Very important: Food transportation ( be prepared ahead how you’ll transport the food at the place where the party will be held)

After writing down all the preparation steps, start shopping almost a week prior the event.

Empty the fridge or make space enough to fit all the cooked food that needs to be stored in the fridge. Some of the recipes can be prepare ahead so you’ll have to be organized of where to store it safely.

Furthermore, make sure to have enough cutlery and serving plate for all your guests (and some to spare too)

  1. Plastic or paper plates
  2. Forks, small spoons, toothpicks
  3. Plastic or paper cups
  4. Serving cups where to serve dipping sauces or spoon desserts
  5. Paper napkins
  6. Garbage bags
  7. Table cloths

Be also prepare to make some back-up food to serve in case the table gets empty all of a sudden ☺.

Inspired from The kitchn

PS: The recipes for finger foods I’d prepared for TEDx event will be posted in an upcoming blog post.

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