TEDx event and my first experience as a caterer

TEDx event and my first experience as a caterer

As I have already mentioned in Instagram and in Facebook, last week I was part of TEDx Tirana event, but not holding a speech☺.

This year, TEDx Tirana came with an innovative idea that the food will be offered from food-bloggers and not from the specialized companies operating in catering industry. Moreover, me and  Mandarina will be cooking the homemade food in our own homes for all 300-400 participants in this event.

Most probably you’re thinking how we handled the situation? Well, I still do not believe that I succeeded to cook approximately 300 bites from each variety of food you are seeing in the below photos.

I’ve chosen 2 kinds of sweet finger food and 2 salty.

  • Sweet finger food options:

  1. Mini pancakes accompanied with sweet ricotta, mascarpone & cocoa cream and topped with a walnut.

2. Caramel swirled Brownie (which was the most successful bite)

  • Salted finger food options

  1. Mini blinis with sage, accompanied with herb & Olive oil marinated mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

2.  Salted mini muffins with cheese and roasted red peppers which I’ve topped with:

  1. Version 1: Mascarpone cream
  2. Version 2: Black olives and capers Tapenade.

Furthermore, I want to take the opportunity to once again express my gratitude to Eco Market  who sponsored the ingredients and Tedx Tirana for giving us the opportunity to share our passion.

Since up to now I have never posted a picture of myself ( excluding the “About me” page) you’ll get the chance to see me while preparing the food prior to the coffee break and while explaining the food to the participants. For those asking, I’ll give a hint: I’m wearing a green polo shirt ☺☺☺

Now, enough with talking, I leave you to the photos slideshow ☺

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