Getting ready to kids lunchbox-ing

With school starting next week comes the stressful idea of what to prepare for their school meals. I have always prepared the lunchbox for my kids and so far they have never complained. Anyway, sadly, I have to admit that in Albania is still an issue taking your own meal from home.  Especially the teens who prefer to buy storebought meal rather than homemade.

My method is to prepare equally beautiful and tasty food and as per my kid’s feedback so far it has had an impact in other kids too.

Here I can mention nicely shaped sandwiches using cookie cutters like a Christmas tree, a reindeer, heart shaped etc…

I have done my best effort to put in their lunchboxes also a piece of fruit or some “unhealthy” food like chocolate, just as a treat.

Following days I will try to photo shoot each lunchbox that I’ll prepare and share it every Saturday so you’ll have enough time to buy the necessary ingredients and also be prepared ahead.

Composing of a lunchbox:

In order to be prepared for the second week of school (well, the first one goes in a snap without even noticing☺), I am sharing with you a simple list of how to compose a lunchbox kit:

  1. One part has to include wholegrain, like bread, pitas, granola, muffins  etc…
  2. One part protein like chicken, ham, fish, beef etc…
  3. One part fruits and veggies, like carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, peppers, radishes, fruits of the season etc…
  4. And last but not least you can include a small part of snacks like 2 cubes of chocolate, crackers, etc…
  5. Drinks, like water, fruit juice, fruit infused water, unsweetened homemade tea etc…

Practically Points 1 & 2 compound 50% of the lunchbox and the rest are the remaining items. Just make sure to include at least 25% of the lunchbox fruits and veggies.

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